Pyrite Chunk ("Fool's Gold") - Large


Pyrite, also known as "Fool's Gold", is a shiny, gold-colored mineral used in hoodoo, conjure and other spells to draw money and success. This Pyrite Chunk is a large piece not offered by many conjure shops and great inclusion in altar spells or as an altar piece to continually draw success and money into your home. Due to it's large size, we recommend to use this as part of a money draw altar spell. We recommend our Small Pyrite Chunk for use in Mojo bags that you will create, due to their small, portable size.

Large Pyrite Chunk Uses:

  • Drawing money and success
  • Good luck
  • Luck with gambling and business

Pyrite Chunk Spell Ideas:

Include a chunk of pyrite in your gambling luck mojo bags to draw money to you and good luck. Place a chunk of Pyrite at the foot of any candles you burn to gain a new job or keep an existing job. Dress a yellow candle with Success and Eloquence Oil, dust it with Success and Eloquence Powder, and place a chunk of Pyrite at the foot of the candle on top of a list of the qualities you seek in a perfect home. After the spell work is complete, the pyrite can be carried as a good luck charm to bring that home to you, or reused in future spells for the same purpose. See these pyrite spell ideas on our blog.

This pyrite chunks is roughly 3 inches in size, with one piece per package.

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