Magnetic Sand (2" x 2" resealable pouch)


Magnetic Sand is used to "feed" lodestones to keep them strong while they draw positive influences to you. You can also use Magnetic Sand in powders, mojo bags, spells or sprinkled on candles to add a "magnetic drawing" element to your spells.

Magnetic Sand Uses:

  • Feeding lodestones to keep them working strong
  • Magnetically draw positive influences like love, money and luck

Magnetic Sand Spell Ideas:

Give your lodestone a generous pinch of magnetic sand once a week and instruct it to draw your desired influence. It will keep the lodestone working well and train it to accomplish your magical desires. Magnetic sand is also reusable! Once your lodestone is so covered with magnetic sand that no more will stick to it, simply dust off the lodestone, collect up the Magnetic Sand and start using it all over again. You can also try rolling green candles dressed with Money Draw Oil through Magnetic Sand so that the green candle becomes magnetically charged to attract money to you! You can do the same with a red candle, Come to Me Oil and magnetic sand to make a desired target come and be with you.

Package size: 2in x 2in

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